Improving Your Golf Starts With Custom Fitting.

At PT Golf Keele we have a team of experts in custom fitting and will give you a warm welcome whatever your playing level, take you through the custom fitting process and fit you with the best clubs to take your game to the next level. Using the GC2 launch monitor we can custom fit Woods, Hybrids and Irons on the driving range giving you the data required whilst still seeing the actual ball flight.


All our custom fitting sessions are by appointment, contact us on 01782 717417. 

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There is a normally a £20 fee per fitting (woods or irons) which is refunded if you purchase the clubs from us. All clubs will ordered direct from the manufacturer to your specification, and are usually delivered within 7-10 working days.

Custom Fit

Ping Advanced Fitting Centre

Callaway OptiFit Centre

Wilson Staff Fitting Cart

Benross Golf Fitting Centre

Fitting Equipment also available on all Brands stocked



Correct setup = lower scores

"The custom fitting session has really helped my game. Knowing my clubs are the correct setup has really given me confidence."

— Keele Client

Great seeing the ball flight

The GC2 launch monitor gives great info on how I hit the clubs, and seeing the ball flight on the driving range is also a real advantage.”

—Keele Client

Such Accurate Detail

“The GC2 launch monitor has shown me the imperfections to my game without confusion and loads of extra numbers. The launch monitor has such accurate detail to it, you can't go wrong.”

— Keele Client


Your Custom Fitting Experience Is Awaiting...

The next step to better golf...